National Equity Through Education Campaign

The Chance Project believes that education and family are the foundations of human potential.  We strive to level the playing field for disadvantaged children from cradle to career. We promote access to education as a fundamental right and as the most effective tool to fight poverty and exclusion. Our projects are designed to support education by promoting quality early education, parent engagement and increasing access to quality education for all children.

  • Family Engagement and Parenting Education

    Successful parent education programs help parents acquire and internalize parenting and problem-solving skills necessary to build a healthy family.
    Decades of research show that when parents are involved students have better school attendance, higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates as well as better self-esteem, decreased use of drugs and alcohol, lower rates of suspension and fewer instances of violent behavior.

  • High Quality Early Education

    Research has found that disadvantaged children in quality early education programs did better in school and earned higher incomes later in life. This is extremely important because we know that if children don’t read well by 3rd grade, they have a 40% higher chance of dropping out of high school.

    Our strategies seek to promote access to high quality instruction and facilities by creating innovative early childhood education partnerships, quality improvement initiatives and technology tools.

  • Youth Development

    Our youth programs provide young people with direction and mentorship that encourages them to reach their highest potential. Our programs include mentoring, outdoor adventures, drop out prevention and college/vocational preparation and career planning. They may also take part in our Economic Mobility Initiative activities depending on their interests.

  • Innovative K-12 Education Approaches

    We ensure access to quality K-12 experiences regardless of location or family income level by utilizing cutting edge technology tools and supporting highly effective charter, online and home school approaches and organizations.

Economic Mobility

This program is designed to connect low-to-moderate income families and individuals to the financial and labor market in a way than doesn’t just help them to survive, but to thrive!

The core of the model is offering employment and career services, financial education and coaching in a way that address the root causes of the barriers that prevent financial independence. Ancillary services include connections to community resources for education, medical and mental health care, substance abuse and other services.

Housing and Community Development

The Chance Project strives to assist families and individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness find stable housing quickly by connecting them to support services and housing resources that meet their individual needs.

Our network of public and private funders, community-based and governmental agencies provide innovative housing and services aimed at making our clients more economically independent long term.

Find out about our Housing Solutions.

Global Humanitarian

We actively support  the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and work actively towards their achievement.