The Chance Project is a leading partner in addressing homelessness in the County of San Bernardino Collaboration among government, developers, landlords, service providers and additional partners is essential to identifying solutions to homelessness. To this end, The Chance Project also currently serves as the lead agency for the multi-agency collaborative known collectively as Pathways Network. The Pathways Network enlists a broad range of over 50 community-based service organizations, government service agencies, faith-based organizations, rental housing owners/operators, and other community stakeholders utilizing national best practice models and innovative locally designed approaches to leverage resources to help facilitate housing solutions for households experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in San Bernardino County.

Since 2016, Pathways Network has launched a number of new pilot initiatives focused on implementing evidence-based, cost-effective, best practice strategies to help prevent individuals and families at-risk from becoming homeless in the first place and help divert people who are literally homeless or unstably housed into stable housing solutions utilizing light touch rapid re-housing strategies.

Some of the successful initiatives launched through include:

Pathways Network (2016-Present)

A web-based universal application and referral distribution system established to receive and distribute housing crisis requests for assistance among over 50 housing and support services resource providers in San Bernardino County simultaneously.

The Chance Project Logo
The Chance Project Logo

Landlord Link

Countywide Housing Identification and Placement (Landlord Link) activities in partnership with Inland Housing Solutions including landlord outreach and engagement, housing navigation assistance, a regional housing inventory of over 800 landlord partners, vacancy leads targeted to permanent housing voucher holders and a Weekly Hot Leads list of rental vacancies throughout the county distributed to assist homeless and at-risk households with achieving permanent housing.

Shared Housing

Shared Housing Capacity Building activities to promote best practice cooperative living models as an affordable, non-program-based permanent housing solution and recruit new providers to help create more affordable housing options for people living on fixed incomes and other limited income households.

The Chance Project Logo
The Chance Project Logo

Community Employment Pathways

Community Employment Pathways (CEP) Program, working in partnership the County of San Bernardino to help connect homeless and at-risk individuals to career and employment placement opportunities to facilitate participant self-sufficiency and achieve housing stability. All consumers who submit an online Pathways Request and indicate an interest in employment referrals are automatically linked to the First Step Staffing to begin the employment process.

Capacity Building

Capacity building education and training activities conducted on behalf of the San Bernardino County Homeless Partnership and other community stakeholders to promote collective capacity building and system-wide development of common goals, best practice models, innovative service initiatives, flexible funding strategies and strategic resource alignment.

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