Education and Family Development

  • Multiple studies show that children with engaged parents, who attend a quality preschool program and those who participate in effective school partnerships perform better in school, are less likely end up on public assistance and/or to turn to crime later in life and are ultimately happier and earn more in their lifetimes.
  • The Chance Project employs a multi-pronged approach designed to maximize the power of  early childhood education and family development.
  • Specific tools include:

    Parent and Community Engagement 

    We level the educational playing field for children by providing parents with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize their influence and the beneficial effect that only they can have on their children.

    High Quality Early Childhood Education
    We create and support collective impact partnerships with early childhood education organizations to expand universal access to all children and families who desire it. This is truly the only way to improve the America education system.


    K-12 Education Partnerships

    Our K-12 Partnership programs provide access and support to quality K-12 experiences regardless of location or family income level.

 Youth Development

The Chance Project aims to create and sustain in our youth the desire to realize their full potential.

Specific tools include:

  • Educational Talent Search (Higher Education Preparation and Drop Out Prevention)

  • Financial Literacy
  • Career Planning and Training


Our housing initiatives seek to create collective impact project by leveraging and increasing collaboration of all available regional housing resources for individuals and families in housing crisis in Southern California.

  • The Pathways Network is a collective impact project that links and leverages housing resources with for individuals and families currently experiencing or at-risk to becoming homeless. The target populations are households with children under 18 years-old, transition aged youth, seniors and adults with disabilities.

  • This program is partnership between landlords/property managers, government and non-profit organizations to end regional homelessness as we know it in Southern California.