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Pathways Network Profile April 2017

Homeless Single Mother of Two Children


Since April 2017, Brown, a single mother of two from Ontario, California, has been living with family to provide a home for her toddlers. While she has transportation to take her children to school and to work, her paycheck is not enough to support her children and pay the rent. Both children being under the age of eighteen, at just ages two and four makes it harder for Brown to move away from her family’s home. Brown needs to move out of her current living space by May 1, 2017 and has not found a place affordable for her and her children.

This mother of two has been living with her family for two months in an overcrowded space so she needs to move out immediately. Finding a place that is affordable while taking care of her two children and working is very stressful so she needs assistance finding a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in the Inland Empire.

Brown’s monthly income is just $1,500 and while she receives Cash Aid and Cal Fresh from the county of San Bernardino, we know that is not enough to help her support two young children. With the cost of diapers, food, childcare and school, Brown needs support to help her pay the rent.

Any vouchers for motels or hotels in the area are always welcome to support Brown and her family. She’d like rental deposit assistance or permanent supportive housing. If you could be of support to her, please contact us.